Nourishing Your Soul

Nourishing Your Soul

Nourishing Your Soul

Hey there lovelies and a very happy day to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share with you my final blog post and final free art tutorial of 2018!

Today we are all about Nourishing Your Soul :)

This week I am sharing a very similar canvas to the one we created in week 1 of this series when we were Nourishing You. I am using my favourite supplies (I encourage you to do the same!) and just enjoying exploring those in a very similar way.

I’ve chosen colours that I know my sister will love (this is a present for her!) and a lovely little robin red breast as her companion bird.

This video is time-lapsed slightly, with lovely music to relax to.

Have a watch and see if it inspires you to create a canvas piece (or an art journal page) that helps you nourish your own soul.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


ps. Create with me online from the comfort of your own home.

pps. Come to my art studio and create with me in person.

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