Creating Space To Work On Your Biz

Welcome to Creating Space To Work On Your Biz – I am so glad you found this space!

You’re here (I am guessing) because you either have an idea for a business or are starting out in business whilst still trying to live your busy life.

You’re probably struggling to get any momentum going and to fit in a routine for all of the things you suddenly find yourself needing to know.

You’re also most likely struggling to figure how exactly you can be expected to learn all these things and fit it all in and, and, and …

Breathe, lovely. I’ve got you. This ECourse is exactly what you need.


about me

My name is Sarah Leonard and I am an artist, musician, creativity coach and small business owner.

I’ve been where you are right now – when I started my business I was also working a full time stressful job in a local school, commuting 2 hours each day and trying to settle into and make a life with my then boyfriend (now husband).

I was struggling with my health – depression and anxiety were frequent unwelcome visitors to my life. I was struggling with paying off debts.

In fact everything was a huge struggle.

Fast forward to now and my debts are cleared, I work from home for myself and have literally never been happier.

If I can do it, then you can definitely do this too, and I want to help you with that!


Creating Space To Work On Your Biz

Here’s what we will be covering on this 6 month business building adventure!

love personMonth 1 – Connecting With Your Dream (September 2018).

We will look at creating a path to your dream biz and life, visualising your success, clarifying your dream, small steps you can easily take and more.

This will include a guided meditation, affirmations, video Q and A sessions, a workbook for you to work through, lots of lovely prompts, and my support throughout the month too.

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Month 2 – The Little Things (October 2018).

We will look at some daily routines and rituals, finding spare time, top things to do in 5, 10, 15, 20 minute slots, social media in minutes and more.

This month’s content will include checklists, a workbook, video Q and A sessions, my cheat sheets and favourite resources and tips plus lots of support from me through the month.

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Month 3 – Schedules (November 2018).

We will explore daily, weekly and monthly schedules, online schedulers, automation and when and how to use them.

This module will include my recommendations and tutorials, worksheets for you to use, video Q and A sessions and lots of support through the month.


Month 4 – Keeping Track (December 2018).

We will be covering all of the things you need to track and the various ways you can do that successfully without driving yourself bonkers!

This month will include lots of checklists and worksheets, my recommended resources, video Q and A sessions and lots of support from me throughout the month.

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Month 5 – Making A Connection (January 2019).

We will cover all of the different ways we can make connections with others in order to grow our tribes, spread the word about us and our business without feeling sleazy and uncomfortable.

I will share my top tips and places you can contact for features (including me!), there will be video Q and A sessions and so much more throughout the month.

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Month 6 – Inspiration Sources (February 2019).

This month will be a wonderful celebration of all things biz! I will be sharing all of my very favourite things for you to use and enjoy, my favourite resources and inspiring people I love.

We will have worksheets, video Q and A sessions, tutorials and more as we close out the month and our biz building adventure!


So, are you in?

If this sounds like just the thing for you then don’t hesitate to sign up and join us!

You will find yourself to be more confident, more able to make time for your business and full of ideas to build it and grow by the end of this course.

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Get the whole 6 month course for just £74 (Approx $98).

Don’t delay lovely – your biz will thank you for getting involved in this fantastic journey.

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