Creative Soul Sessions

Welcome To The Creative Soul Sessions – I’m so looking forward to sharing this lovely healing wisdom with you all.

If you’ve ever felt too rushed to fit anything creative into your day, then these will be perfect for you.

If you want to feel calmer, centred, grounded and creatively inspired these are just the thing your soul is crying out for.

You will find yourself supported by wonderful healing words and sounds as you watch art works come to life before your very eyes.

Why awakened meditations?

These meditations are very different – they don’t just guide you on a journey of sounds and words – they provide visual, creative stimulus too.

This is perfect for those of us who struggle to concentrate on traditional meditations and find their minds wandering off. It’s also perfect for those of us who want to go deeper with our meditations in an easy to manage way.

When our minds are actively engaged in something as soothing as watching art making, the internal chatter and other blocks and resistance are instantly dulled down – no effort required.

That’s what makes these awakened meditations so very powerful – they whisk you away from yourself and allow you to truly, fully engage with the healing words and sounds like never before.

The sessions are broken up into three different sections – from shortest to longest! This is brilliant because you are then able to fit something in no matter how busy your day might be.

Let me share a little more about each of them.

sacred sounds

Short (Around 3-5 minutes long) sung awakened meditations that you can fit into any day. These use literally sacred sounds to help heal and guide you. I recommend watching the art making and letting the sounds do their work as you enjoy seeing creative inspiration in front of your eyes.

Enjoy your free sample Sacred Sounds awakened meditation – which is all about spiritual health and happiness.

words of wisdom

These are a little longer (around 10 minutes long) but are packed full of gorgeous mantras and words of wisdom to help you align, centre yourself and really shine. I recommend watching the art making unfold before your eyes as you let the mantras truly sink into your subconscious.

Enjoy your free sample Words of Wisdom awakened meditation – entitled “You Are Strong in Spirit.”

aura angel guidance

These are longer guided meditations which will take you on a journey. (Around 15 minutes long). You can close your eyes and listen to the words, or watch the aura angel art making and let the words do their thing subliminally. Or a combination of both. It’s all perfect and they will heal you whichever way you choose to enjoy them.

Enjoy your free sample Aura Angel Guidance awakened meditation – this will bring you Angelic Calm.

I hope you have really enjoyed using the free samples of these awakened meditations and that you are feeling healed, inspired and creatively raring to go, whatever being creative means for you.

To get your hands on all 30 of these gorgeous meditations, simply choose what you can afford to pay below. You will get access to your meditations straight away, and have lifetime access to them once you buy.

30 Awakened Meditations for just £20 (Approx $27).

Pay What You Can

I really enjoyed creating them, and found that the recordings themselves were healing to me as I worked on them.


Don’t just take my word for it – here are some words from others who have tried out the whole collection to help you decide if these awakened meditations might be right for you.

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Creative Soul Sessions

Creative Soul Sessions


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