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Welcome to my Curiously Creative Coaching page! I’m so glad you found your way here!

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Here are even more details for you lovely :)


One Off Curiously Creative Art Coaching Sessions.


If you’ve ever wanted to explore your art and creativity, this could be the perfect offering for you. You will spend 2 hours with me in my studio exploring lots of wonderful mixed media techniques.

You will really get to know some of my favourite art supplies and have fun playing, trying new things and being guided gently to discover your true creative potential.

I will take you on a wonderfully relaxing journey through paint that will truly inspire and uplift you, giving you the confidence to try more creative ideas and techniques in your day to day life.

I know you’ll love our session together – it will be the perfect springboard to begin your arty adventure.


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Sessions cost £60 for 2 hours. All supplies included.


Curiosity Cubed – 4 Creative Art Coaching Sessions.


This offer takes you deeper. You’ll begin to explore your creative style, start to pick out your favourite techniques and supplies and really settle into your creative groove. You will have access to all of my supplies to help you really zoom in on what truly lights your own creative fire.

Each session we will dive into what truly makes you happy and start to really connect with your inner creative awesome. I will guide you on your way, supporting you as you achieve your creative goals and have lots of fun.

This is a fabulous offer and I know it will enrich your life in so many ways. 

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4 sessions cost £200 and each session lasts for 2 hours.

That’s a £40 saving compared with buying one off sessions!


artist sarah leonardMy name is Sarah and I’m an artist, creative healer and wise old soul.

I work with all kinds of people – holistic health workers, healers, lightworkers. Artists, beginners and curious souls.

Together we create the space they need to shine and grow.

Being creative is not a luxury – it’s not just for the rich or for people who have the time. It’s essential to everybody. Looking after your spiritual health can take on many different forms – I’m going to suggest to you that creativity is one of the most powerful healing modalities there is.

How do I know that? Because it healed my own life.



I’m here to challenge you to ignite a spark of inspiration inside you. This tiny spark might have been dormant for a very long time. It might never have been allowed to flicker and flame at all. But it’s there, waiting for you. I’d like to help you light that fire.

As awakened and whole human beings we have to make space to grow, thrive and shine.

Creative activities give you exactly that. Space.

You can dream while you doodle.

Ponder while you paint.

Book in for a coaching session, come create with me then go forth and conquer the world!



What happens when I click book now? You’ll be taken to Paypal to make the full session payment. I will then email you via your Paypal email address to set up a day and time for our session.

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can simply pay via your Debit/Credit card. (Paypal will guide you through that).

How long do these sessions last? Approximately 2 hours.

Do I need to have previous experience to enjoy these sessions? No, not at all. You will be guided step by step through the process of creation in each session so no experience is necessary.

Where are you based? I teach from my home studio in Hull, East Yorkshire in the UK.


Here are some testimonials from lovely souls who have attended previous art sessions with me.

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