Custom Aura Angel Art

Custom Aura Angel Art

This is an opportunity to get for yourself a visual reminder of the need to make space for your soul’s energy to shine and shimmer brightly in the world.

It’s not simply a piece of art work. It is a soul nudge for you, a physical reminder of the need to allow creativity into your life.

Let me tell you more …

Would you like to own a gorgeous piece of whimsical art work that depicts parts of you you may have never seen before?

Would you like to be able to see your own aura? To know the age of your own soul?

Imagine how magical it would be to have all of this information for you to cherish, in the comfort of your own home.

That’s exactly the unique experience I am offering to you here and now, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Let me tell you more about it …

We’ll communicate via email in order to read your aura and footprint.

You’ll simply send me over a full length photograph of you. I’ll print it off, connect to your energy and aura, and create your art for you without you having to leave your house at all.

Super simple, super effective.

Super special.

I’ll then connect to your energy, with the help of my Angelic Guide, and take a peek at your aura and your soul’s footprint. I’ll share some of that information with you after our session, and take some notes for me to work from.

Then I’ll get to work.

I’ll create a bespoke and original whimsical Aura Angel Art work that shows you your Aura exactly.

Imagine being able to see that, whenever you wanted to? To allow that image to be a reminder of the need to be free, to be fulfilled. To escape the mundane and connect with your soul self.

I’ll add in the details of your soul’s footprint numerically.

I’ll share you – your energy, your aura and your soul – in the form of a whimsical Angel.

I’ll then parcel it up (along with more details about your soul and your aura) and post it directly to your door.

You’ll have a genuinely unique piece of art work to cherish forever.

How do you book your very own Aura Angel Custom Art?

Simply click on the button below. You’ll pay via Paypal, then I will email you (using your Paypal email address) to set up your session.

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Custom Aura Angel Canvasses cost £67 (Approx $79).

Custom Aura Angel Art Testimonials

Just a few words from some lovely ladies I have worked with before. They have allowed themselves that lovely soul’s nudge and they feel the better for it. Perhaps you’ll be next?

Custom Aura Angel Art


Custom Aura Angel Art


Custom Aura Angel Art

Custom Aura Angel Art

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