Hey there lovely – I’m so glad you found your way to this page! Here you will find out about the different online ECourses you get to choose from.

Art can heal your very soul – I have dramatically healed my own life, using the power of creativity. You can do that too lovely!

ecourse creator sarah leonardThese courses are designed to help you learn new skills, explore lots of different art supplies and ideas and also let yourself heal and grow.

There is nothing better than the felling you will get from spending time being creative and connecting with art – it’s the perfect pick me up and way to unwind.

When we give ourselves the space and time our soul’s need to create magic can happen. 

I’d like to invite you to give yourself that sacred space. It’s an essential part of living an awakened and healthy life.

Simply click on the pictures below to find out more about each lovely course.





Simply click on each of the pictures above to find out more about how to join in with these gorgeous courses.


Welcome to Becoming Creatively Unstuck

Looking for more of a relaxed style of inspiration? One that combines artistic visuals with gorgeous meditations that you can fit into your day to day life with ease?

Look no further – my Creative Soul Sessions could be just what you need.

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Want a little freebie?

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becoming creatively unstuck free ecourse

Are you looking to become creatively active and unstuck? Come get your hands on this gorgeous FREE short course of five fantastic lessons to get yourself lots of lovely ideas and inspiration to get your creativity moving and flowing again.

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