becoming creatively unstuck


If you’ve ever felt like you want to be more creative but you don’t know quite where to begin then this is the perfect course for you.

You will be perfectly supported and feel so much more able to invite more creativity into your life.

As women, it’s really important that we make the space to grow and shine. If we fill our days with busy work then there’s no space for anything else we might want to manifest.

Creativity gives us this space – it allows us to breathe and connect with our creative soul selves.

This uplifting soulful 4 Week ECourse will encourage you to connect with your inner creative awesome and start to heal those creative wounds. It will inspire you to look within and invite your inner child to join you on an artful adventure full of joy and creativity.

What’s this course all about?

This gorgeous, inspirational E-Course is a 4-Week adventure into your creative soul. That little voice or shut away part of you that longs to create but doesn’t feel good enough.

becoming creatively unstuck

You are a creative soul. You can do all of these things. They will uplift you. They will heal you.

It worked for me – so I know it can work for you too.

What themes we will explore?


What will you receive?

Weekly video tutorials – we will create a full on in depth art piece to go with our theme of the week. You will be able to access all of the materials straight away for each week and study at your own pace.

A PDF Mandala Inspiration Sheet and meditation- created to support you on this journey through our weekly themes.

A lively Facebook community – for sharing, feedback, support and so much more.

Oodles of love, support and inspiration – from me, from your fellow creative souls on the course and from your own inner awesomeness.

becoming creatively unstuck

All of this information is presented in high quality videos, PDF’s and detailed posts from me.

You will have lifetime access to an exclusive website with all of the videos, pdfs and other gorgeous inspirational goodies available to you. You will also be able to connect with fellow adventurers via a private Facebook community. So even when the four week journey is over, you can return to the videos and resources whenever you need a boost.

Who is this course perfect for?

If you’re looking to spend time reflecting on and redirecting your life this is the course for you. If you’re longing to venture into more creative pursuits but just need a little guidance on your way this course is for you. If you’re wondering what creativity and magic your life holds in store this course is for you.

If you believe in the power of your thoughts, feelings and your inner awesomeness this course is for you. If you long to make a connection with that inner awesome and represent it loud and proud into the big wide world on a gorgeous piece of canvas art then you’ll love this course.

becoming creatively unstuck

Why I would be a great fit for you …

  • As an artist I have studied online with Kelly Rae Roberts, Jane Davenport, Christy Tomlinson, Andrea Gomoll, Bonnie Christine, Tamara La Porte and more. I regularly top up my art skills with a wide range of different courses, styles and creative challenges. I believe this puts me in a wonderful position to help other lovelies to access their own creative sparks and ignite their creative souls too.
  • As a coach I have taught for over eight years in schools, colleges, online and via one to one tuition. I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and a Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in Education.  I have completed Counselling Skills qualifications (NVQs) and Coaching and Mentoring Diplomas with Nottingham University. I have also completed  an Angel Therapy Certification and a Crystal Healing course with The Centre of Excellence.
  • Spiritually, I am a devotee of Francesca De Grandis and her Celtic Shamanism (as presented in her “Be a Goddess” and “Goddess Initiation” writings). I would describe myself as an Earthy Wiccan – I seek to restore the connection with the ancient wisdom of herbs, seasons and the earth’s rhythms themselves. I believe that the earth has a lot to teach us and that we can all access that wisdom and benefit from inviting it more fully into our intentional lives. I have also studied Oracle Card Divination with Collette Baron Reid.

becoming creatively unstuck

Some technical details…

Once you purchase this bundle of loveliness you can download your access instructions straight from this site – no waiting! You will then be given access to the exclusive Facebook community asap.

My artwork and my own examples also feature throughout this course. It truly is an uplifting and inspiring course and would make a wonderful tool for honouring your spirit whilst adding some gorgeous art work to your decor.

You can either read this E-Course via your tablet/smart phone or laptop computer whilst working on your canvas, or you can print off your PDF’s and use the printouts to work your way through the course. Whichever option makes you happiest!

This E-Course would love to find it’s way onto your tablet, phone or computer. That’s where it can perform it’s magic.

Join us for only £30 (Approx $37)