meet your inner goddess

Come meet Your Inner Goddess
She is what makes you confident. What makes you sparkle. What makes you uniquely YOU.
She is the magic inside you.
Now you can meet her and have her walk beside you on your path.

This soulful ECourse is an opportunity for you to delve deep into the magic within you and give it physical form. So that you can access it at any time.

What’s this course all about?

Meet Your Inner Goddess is a coming together of the creative and the spiritual. It includes:

– the gorgeous and inspirational Capture Your Inner Goddess mixed-media creative course created by Sarah Leonard. It is a 6-Part adventure into mixed media techniques, full of advice and visual delights written for you to become a more confident, happy and sparkly person!

  • 10 hours of video tutorials
  • detailed supply information about the loveliest things to use
  • tip sheets, information and resources to help you connect with your most goddess self

– inspiration straight from the Spirit Guides, channelled for every participant based on what they create. This will be facilitated by Joanna as you share your goddess with her. Bringing your inner goddess into the physical will give you insight into your Self, your positive aspects, your strengths, and your soul path.

– a gorgeously supportive Facebook community to share your ideas and your goddesses with as you work through the course. Both Sarah and Joanna will be available for feedback and advice via this wonderful group.

What will you walk away with?

  • a mixed-media painting of your inner goddess, in all her shining glory (don’t worry, you’ll get step-by-step instructions!)
  • knowledge and practice of new creative techniques you can use over and over again
  • clarity about your core Self, including how you view your true Self, how connected you are to your true Self and how your belief system might be blocking you from allowing your inner goddess to shine through
  • a connection with your spiritual guide team and higher self
  • a fun, loving and safe space to connect in (in a Facebook group).

Who is this course perfect for?

This is right for you if:

  • you’re ready to spend time reflecting on and redirecting your life
  • you’re longing to venture into more creative pursuits but could use some support
  • you want to unleash the power of the magic within you
  • you feel that connecting with your higher self and spiritual team is the right step.
  • If you believe in the power of your thoughts, feelings and your inner awesomeness this course is for you!

Meet Sarah and Joanna…

profile pic with artSarah is an artist and writer who creates curious art for curious souls. All of her work is influenced by a desire to inspire and uplift. She is unique and different because she provides inspiration and illustration with a feline or feminine twist thrown in for free, which no one else in her field provides. She combines inspirational words and e books with art featuring felines and females, lovingly sketched and thoughtfully put together. If you are looking for high quality art, created with love and sacredly inspired through thought, meditation and prayer then you are definitely in the right place.


joannaJoanna is a channel of the spirit guides and intuitive creativity guide. Her mission is to show you how to tap into your creative power to access the magic that is within you. You already have access to all the answers you could possibly need, but you can’t hear them because of all the noise in and around you. Art will solve this! Giving your focus to creating with your hands results in energetic shifts within you, and creates space for higher guidance to come through. My intention for this course is for you to see the beauty, power and sparkle inside you, and to let it come out into the world. Because the world needs your sparkle!


The details…

Meet Your Inner Goddess will run from June 15 – June 28.

During this two week period Joanna will be available to give you channelled guidance on the goddess you create. The art course materials from Sarah will be available to you for life.

Your investment: £95 {$147} (this includes both the art course AND the personalised channelled guidance!)

Once you purchase this bundle of loveliness you can download your access instructions for the Facebook community straight from Etsy – no waiting! You will then be given access to the exclusive website and course materials as soon as the classroom doors open on June 15th.

Click below to make your purchase and start your goddess adventure!

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