Silence Your Inner Critic

Silence Your Inner Critic

Have you ever felt like your inner critic is ruling the roost? Like you just can’t get started with your creative endeavours because the constant negativity gets in the way?

Or even if you are brave enough to start, your inner critic is not happy with the outcome at all?

I can help – let me tell you more.

I want to share with you a beautiful ECourse offering: Silence Your Inner Critic <3

This little creative adventure will be a wonderful catalyst for so many people. It will allow you to silence your inner critic to inspire you to live a more artful life.

It will allow you to release those negative thoughts and beliefs  and release them using guided meditation and EFT (also known as tapping).

I will be your guide on this magical journey – with step by step instructions and beautiful videos that show you exactly what to do.

It will also be fabulous fun of course!

Art truly heals people – I have seen it for myself in my own life. I know that you will really benefit from this gorgeous ECourse in so many ways. Why not sign up and give it a try?

You just saw a little taster of some of the lessons in the video above, but the full course has full length videos (not timelapsed) with step by step instructions and a whole lot more.


Here’s the quick lowdown on this lovely ECourse:

You will receive 5 creative lessons (covering the 5 lessons and positive affirmations above) to help you leave your negative beliefs behind you creatively and get yourself completely free of them through art.

The lessons will include video tutorials, creative prompt ideas and lots of lovely arty inspiration.

There will also be a gorgeous guided meditation and an EFT video which you can use alongside these lovely lessons (and beyond).

You will also get access to a gorgeous Facebook Community where you can share your ideas and art with other like-minded souls.

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Choose how much you can afford to pay and click add to cart to gain access to this lovely inspiring ECourse at an affordable price. You get lifetime access to everything and can work completely at your own pace.

Pay What You Can


I know you won’t regret joining in with this gorgeous course – and you will definitely learn new things about art, yourself and your soul. But don’t simply take my word for it – have a look at what Jenn had to say about the course:

silence your inner critic testimonial jenn