Tips and Tricks for Etsy Sellers


tips and tricks for etsy sellers

Hey there gorgeous sisters and a very happy Monday to you, wherever you may be. If you follow me on Instagram you will no doubt be aware of my recent quest to redo all of my Etsy listings and improve my Etsy store.

I am really happy with how it looks now (and my items are appearing on the first page of Etsy searches now too – yay!)

So, I thought I’d share some of my favourite tools, resources and ideas for redoing your Etsy listings that make the process simple and effective. Here are some tips and tricks for Etsy sellers that are definitely worth pursuing.

1. Hive. For editing lots of listings at once, as quickly as possible.

I used this tool to edit all 355 listings in my store much more quickly. You can bulk edit prices, descriptions, titles, tags and photos, all on one screen. It saves so much time – it’s a total life saver!

2. My IPhone. For taking all of my photos in glorious close up.

I have an IPhone 5C (it’s my new favourite thing) and the photos I took for my store were all taken with it. It’s great for getting good, clear shots of my items and so much more.

3. The A Beautiful Mess App. For collage photos.

I have redone almost all of my bulk buy/collage photos for Etsy using this app. Plus using the hashtag #ABeautifulMess will get your photos seen by so many more users. There is a thriving ABM community over on Instagram. It’s really simple to use too.

4. The Afterlight App. For brightening your photos.

I lightened and brightened all of my shop photos so easily with this app. I also used it to crop out any background clutter that accidentally sneaked into my shots!

5. Use dashes in your product listing titles instead of commas.

This makes it easier for buyers to read your listings (they are easier on the eye) but also allows you to pack your titles full of key words so people searching can find your items more easily.

6. Repeat some of your title key words in your tags.

This will help your items appear at the top of the search too.

7. If SEO search words and key words confuse you, get help!

I hired the lovely Kateland Kelly from The Write Assistant to help me with my titles and tags (easily the most difficult part for me). I find it hard to imagine what people will type in to search for my items, and really wanted to get some perspective on that.

Kateland rewrote the title and tags of one of each of my listings for me, and I used her ideas to redo the others myself. As I said before, my items now appear on the first page of searches (which I have never managed to achieve on my own) so I feel it was totally worth my while to do this. A great investment (which is actually super affordable!)

I totally recommend this service to any Etsy seller – it’s been a life saver for me!

I hope you enjoyed this little roundup of Etsy tips and resources for Etsy sellers. I hope that help you with your own stores too.

Have a great day lovelies!

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  1. I love Afterlight! It’s the best mobile photo editing app I’ve come across. I use PicMonkey online for making collages, though, because I don’t use mobile photography for my shop or blog (except on very random occasions).

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