My Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Your Own Webstore

Hey there lovelies and a very happy Monday to you, wherever you may be. Today I wanted to share with you (as promised) my tips and tricks for setting up your own webstore on your WordPress website. Plus my tried and tested resources for doing just that. As you know, I recently set up my own store right here on my site.

I shared my pros and cons a couple of weeks ago, of opening a webstore vs sticking with etsy. Today I wanted to continue that train of thought by sharing some of my favourite resources too!

My Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Your Own Webstore

So, here goes: my low down on the best (and least stressful) way to set up your webstore from scratch :)

1. If you already have an Etsy store, then spend some time getting everything in order over there first. Work on your titles, tags and photographs until you are truly happy with them. I wrote a post on my favourite tips and tricks for Etsy sellers which you can use to help you get everything tip top. Once you have everything set up there, transferring everything over at once to your webstore will be much easier :) If you don’t already have an Etsy store, the photo tips and tricks in my post will help you get everything ready for your webstore – check it out and get all of your photos ready to go.

2. Download the CSV file from your Etsy store. You can do this by clicking on “Your shop” in the top right of your Etsy home page, then choosing “Shop settings” and “Options” from the drop down menu. Then if you click on “Download data” across the top, and then click the “Download CSV” blue button. This will save all of your shop’s information including tags, titles, prices and descriptions into a handy excel spreadsheet ready to be added to your webstore.

3. Add the WooCommerce Plugin to your WordPress website. You can find it here. It is completely free to use, and has some paid for add ons that you might choose to use. I started with just the free version, but may add some extras later on down the line.

4. Check how well WooCommerce works with your theme. Activate it and see if it works well. I found I had to change my theme as it didn’t play nicely with the plugin. I found another theme very easily by searching for woocommerce in the themes downloader in my dashboard. I think I have actually found a theme I like a lot more than my original one, despite the extra bit of work it took. The theme I used was one called Tyros, in case you wanted to know ;)

5. Import your products using your CSV file. I used WP All Importer. The free version allows you to import your titles, descriptions, tags and prices in one fell swoop. All I then had to do was to add my photos and tweaked and set up my shop sections. If you opt for the paid version it will also import all of the photos for you too. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to import your CSV file and try not to get too stressed – it seems very technical as you work through it, but it’s not actually all that hard. Just keep your head and keep on keeping on :)

6. Edit your products. I changed the titles a little (made them shorter than on Etsy), and added in search information (keywords and meta descriptions) using my Yoast SEO plugin. I also added in my photos (giving them the same name and alt tags as my keyword for SEO). I then added them to a section (art prints, neckaces etc) and updated them. Editing the products is really simple – it’s really a lot like writing a blog post :)

7. Set up your shipping profiles. This was the bit I found the most difficult. I used this article to help me.  As I did this last I had to go back and add in my shipping profiles all at once. This was easily achieved using the bulk edit options if you click on the products link on the left hand side of your dashboard. I did it section by section and it was as easy as pie.

And that’s really it! I had my shop all set up and ready to go within three or four days in the end (all 355+ products!)

If you have less items, it will likely take less time. If you don’t already have an Etsy store, you won’t need all of these steps, but hopefully you will be able to extract all of the relevant information you will need.

If there are any areas I haven’t covered, let me know in the comments. I think I’ve remembered everything!

Have a great day lovelies :)

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