Painting a Series – Part 1

Hey there gorgeous sisters and a very happy Monday to you, wherever you may be. Today I am sharing with you some tips and tricks on Painting a Series – Part 1.

As you can likely guess, this is a two-part series of posts to give you a little inspiration if painting a series is your thang :)

I was turned onto the idea by Alenna Hennessey and just felt compelled to give it a try.

Here’s what I learned.

Painting a Series - Part 1

I worked on my series of 4 in sets of two, because of the space I knew I needed. I blue tacked my pages down in place so I could easily move from one piece to the other without disturbing my lines in the painting. I also used a new technique to me – using masking tape (sometimes known as painters tape) to add some cool lines to both pieces.

Painting a Series - Part 1

I used a colour palette of 4/5 different colours for the background. Mainly bright colours (favourites!) and some grey and soft green “neutrals” to help the piece come together.

Painting a Series - Part 1

I also utilised lots of fun techniques I have seen on courses elsewhere. My love of dots, shading the cutest little owls and adding in lots of extra detail in the form of plants and flowers. Plus of course my love for metallics. Keeping these consistent through all of the paintings made a real difference, and helped the pieces come together as a whole.

Painting a Series - Part 1

I’d forgotten how much I loved just doodling with black marker pens. I really love it! I really tried to let my doodlings go over from one piece to the other to help anchor them together.

Painting a Series - Part 1

And here’s the second set beginning. I used a bronze colour instead of the gold here, just to have a little contract going on whilst still maintaining the same feel.

Painting a Series - Part 1

Look at those cute, fluffy owls! I am so in love with them, even though they’re not finished. I combined some of Micki Wilde’s shading with Juliette Crane’s Owl tutorials in my head and just went for it. Love!

Painting a Series - Part 1

One thing that did shine through is my absolute LOVE of dots! Love them :) There are dots everywhere, all over these pieces. I think they go well together as a series.

Painting a Series - Part 1

But they do stand loud and proud all alone too. I am selling these prints at a special price for the set of four in my shop. The originals I have plans to frame and sell locally.

I hope this inspires you to have a go at creating a series of your own. I’d love to see it if you do!

Have a fantastic day lovelies!

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