Insta-Art: More Custom Art Work

Hey there lovely sisters and a very happy Monday to you, wherever you may be. Today I wanted to share with you another episode of Insta-Art: More Custom Art Work :)

I shared the first part of this order over on ACLC here, and here is the second half of the order itself.

I’m going to share the step by step process, along with tips and materials used. I hope it inspires you to create some gorgeous art work all of your own :)

Insta-Art: More Custom Art Work

I began with a simple sketch, using my graphgear pencil. This is a whimsical portrait of a little boy with long blonde hair, so I will need to keep that in mind as I create – I am so much more used to painting girls than boys!

Insta-Art: More Custom Art Work

Here I’ve begun with a layer of prismacolour pencils (using tuscan red, yellow ochre and sienna colours) and then started to blend over the top my sennelier oil pastels. I really love the dreamy look that gives you.

Insta-Art: More Custom Art Work

Here I’ve begun to add some collaged scrapbook papers to his outfit – sticking to boyish colours like blue, green and brown. I used mod podge matt to adhere them.

Insta-Art: More Custom Art Work

Here I’ve added a wash of gelato watercolour crayon to the background. I used a baby wipe to apply it! I rubbed the crayon onto the baby wipe, then smooshed the colour over the page. It gives such a lovely varied background so easily!

Insta-Art: More Custom Art Work

Here I’ve started to add definition using my pitt pens. He’s really starting to come together now :)

Insta-Art: More Custom Art Work

And here he is completed! Lots of sparkly metallic dots (using my docraft metallic markers) plus more definition using my charcoal pencil, white paint pen and my stabilo all pencil.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the step by step here. I really enjoy sharing these with you. I know I find it inspiring when artists share in this way, so I hope you do too!

If you’d like to see more of my favourite art supplies head to this post here.

If you’d like to order some custom mixed media artwork of your own (they make great Christmas presents!) head over to my shop here.

Have a fantastic day lovelies!

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  1. How gorgeous. I often look at those painting with longing, thinking I could never do something like that. Thank you for breaking it up, step by step.

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