Daily Mindfulness Journalling

Hey there gorgeous sisters and a very happy Tuesday to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share with you my latest practices in Daily Mindfulness Journalling <3

Daily Mindfulness Journalling

I have introduced into my days some little meditation practices, which have been so beneficial to me. I have found it quite difficult to do (I am not a natural meditator as my mind is rarely empty or quiet!) but I am feeling the rewards of it in a clearer mind and a less rushed and panicked day.

Here’s a little peek into what I’ve been doing – hopefully it will inspire you to invite some of these practices into your own lives too!

Daily Mindfulness Journalling

I begin and end each day with a few minutes of meditation. I have set up a little mini altar in my bedroom as a space in which to do this (as it’s usually a quiet area in the house). I have my salt lamp candle which I light every evening and a little pocket altar set with a wise old owl charm, white quartz, carnelian and citrine crystals.

Daily Mindfulness Journalling

In the drawer directly under this I have my singing bowl and my large smoky quartz crystals, which I use to help amplify my vibration and to help me focus my energy when I begin to meditate. I start by striking the singing bowl, then pick up my smoky quartz crystals and begin to meditate.

Daily Mindfulness Journalling

I’ve also taken to pulling a card each day as guidance. I am currently loving the Good Tarot deck by Colette Baron Reid. It’s so wonderful! In the pouch next to the deck is my mini art journalling kit.

Daily Mindfulness Journalling

Each day I ask my guide about my highest good that day and he gives me a few words to think about. On the above day they were “trust and peace”. The words I receive are never to do lists or jobs. They’re more about my state of mind and focus. That is the key ingredient to a good and successful day after all.

Daily Mindfulness Journalling

I then pull a card and write down it’s name and meaning in my little notebook. You can see it’s just a simple notebook – there’s no mixed media involved so it doesn’t have to be really thick art paper at all. I also accompany these with a little doodle girl to compliment the day’s message. Plus any symbols from the oracle card that caught my eye. It really helps the messages to sink in for me, and the journalling becomes a part of the meditation process.

I can then look back over the days pages at the end of the day before I begin my second meditation and see whether I was able to keep them in mind throughout the day or not.

Daily Mindfulness Journalling

Here’s the little kit of goodies I used for my journalling – a set of glitter gel pens, a 2B mechanical pencil. a 6 and 8B pencil, blending stump, nail file (for when the blending stump becomes to saturated), a black micro pen, a white calligraphy marker, a rubber and some glittery glue tubes.

Just a simple kit but enough for me to be able to represent what I want to in my journal.

It makes me more mindful of the days messages and allows me to focus more on making sure I honour them.

What daily mindfulness practices do you follow? I’d love to know.

Have a fantastic day lovelies!

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4 thoughts on “Daily Mindfulness Journalling

  1. That is a beautiful ritual! I find morning meditations almost impossible. Instead I pull a card from my Angels deck and contemplate that for a few minutes. I do my evening meditation as often as possible. I love your salt lamp candle!

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