Unusual Sources of Inspiration for Creatives

Hey there gorgeous sisters and a very happy Thursday to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share a little more about some Unusual Sources of Inspiration for Creatives <3

People often ask me where I get my inspiration from to create my art (especially as I create so much of it!) and the truth is it can come from unusual sources :)

Flowers in the garden, silly situations with my husband and kitties. All can lead to me creating something.

Books I’m reading, different symbolic ideas. All of these get me inspired and interested.

Here’s an example:

Unusual Sources of Inspiration for Creatives

My chakra girls art definitely came from my new found interest in the chakras and wanting to keep mine healthy and strong. I used that natural interest that was already coming into play in my spiritual life and translated it into a series of art work and cards.

Unusual Sources of Inspiration for Creatives

My elemental girls art came from a very similar source too. I am totally obsessed with creating little altars around my home, and so what could be better than a wonderful set of elemental girls to help me connect with those energies and really welcome the practice into my life more fully?

I talked a little more about this in this month’s Q and A session – have a little listen.

Really I get my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere!

The smallest things really set me off on an adventure and I can find myself going down a completely different path than the one I originally envisaged.

The most important thing though is to listen to those whispers. Those little ideas that pop into your head seemingly from nowhere. These ones are most likely divinely guided and therefore linked to your life’s purpose.

Make it a part of your practice to get quiet everyday and listen for those soul nudges – your art and your happiness levels will truly thank you for it.

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

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