My Morning Ritual (Plus a FREE Gratitude Prayer Printable!)

Hey there gorgeous sisters and a very happy day to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share with you my morning ritual.

I hope it inspires you and gives you some ideas for your own morning routine.

It can be so easy to fall off the mindfulness bandwagon when a busy life gets in the way. We’ve all been there! Rushing to complete everything and feeling overwhelmed. Often these little rituals are the first things to fall by the wayside.

But they are so important!

Our days run more smoothly when we make time for them. We feel calmer, more in control. We honour ourselves and really look after ourselves by giving over this precious time.

Here’s a look at what I have been doing and what has been working for me.

My Morning Ritual

First, I settle down by my little sacred space in my bedroom. I have a lovely Himalayan salt candle holder, some incense, some goddess goodies and lovely crystals to hand.

I also have my vision boards and my gratitude prayer right there with me too. As I gather all of my necessary tools to me, I read through the gratitude prayer.

My Morning Ritual Click on the image above to download your free printable of this prayer to use at home!

Next I use my singing bowl to energise and raise the vibration of the room, and to raise my own vibration. I let the sounds bath me and help me focus in on what I am doing in this space.

My Morning Ritual

Then I close my eyes, take a deep breath and ask my soul self to step forward and connect to my guides. I ask for a sphere of protective white light to surround me, my loved ones and my home.

I then call my energies back to me. I visualise in my mind these little particles of energy travelling back to me and rejoining my whole self. I then cast out any of other people’s energies that have become attached. I visualise these moving away from me, as little particles of light.

I have in my hands my smokey quartz crystals throughout the ritual (apart from when I am using my singing bowl) and now I visualise energy from those crystals spreading through me from my hands, to arms, neck head and out through the crown chakra. I visualise this sparkling crystal energy all around me like a shower of stars.

I then send some energy to the different crystal grids I have in my home – one for self love, one for creativity and one for abundance. I visualise the energy coming from my mind and heading directly towards the grids themselves.

Next I think of three things I am grateful for that day and visualise what I am working on manifesting currently. I spend a few minutes on this as it feels really good.

My Morning Ritual

Finally, I pull an oracle card for extra guidance for my day. I leave it in full view so that I see it as I work away. It helps to keep me more mindful whilst I am working.

That probably sounds a bit complex for a morning but it literally only takes a few minutes to do.

I have a little list of prompts to remind me (I can be forgetful in the mornings) and each little task only takes moments to do.

I do also let myself be. I don’t berate myself if I don’t do this first thing in the morning – sometimes I am part way through the day before I can get to it. It’s certainly not a good idea to let this become a stick to beat yourself up with!

I got a lot of inspiration for my current ritual from this post by Hibiscus Moon. That was also where I learned to create crystal grids too!

What are your morning rituals? I’d love to hear about them.

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

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6 thoughts on “My Morning Ritual (Plus a FREE Gratitude Prayer Printable!)

  1. What a lovely way to start your day! Lately my morning routine has been to take a post-breakfast nap, which doesn’t feel very productive but certainly seems necessary for me!

  2. Really enjoyed reading
    We do forget the good times which are usually more than the difficult times then complain every corner we turn if things do not work our way.As you mentioned, we should learn more to thankful for difficult times.If only it were so easy.

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