Ho’oponopono and Self Forgiveness (plus a FREE printable for you!)

Hey there gorgeous souls and a very happy Thursday to you. Today I wanted to share with you the wisdom of Ho’oponopono and Self Forgiveness <3

I have been using these words of wisdom in my life, and they really do make a difference. They are a great way to connect with yourself, forgive yourself and really move on in life.

You can break the prayer down into four sections:


Whatever I have done, to me or to others, real or imagined I am truly sorry for it. I am taking responsibility, acknowledging any errors and apologising for them.


This again can be directed to yourself or to others – forgiveness is absolute and is a way of truly letting go of something that no longer serves you. Forgiving yourself or someone else allows you to move on and lighten your load along the way.


Gratitude is powerful. I shared my daily gratitude prayer and morning ritual last month here. Saying thanks, even when things seem tough, can be an amazing vibration raiser and a real fast track to a more contented and abundant life.


My word of the year for 2017 is love – self love, loving relationships, love towards others. Loving yourself is the least you can do. Really and truly. Love yourself lovely!

I say these words (and sometimes journal them in my notebook too) regularly. They can be used for specific events and circumstances or in a more general way.

Give them a try – I know you’ll love them too!

And, as today is my birthday, I have a free gift for you!

Ho’oponopono and Self Forgiveness

Click here to download your printable cards.

I hope you love your free printable gift – and that the cards allow you to remember to practice Ho’oponopono in your daily life.

Have a fantastic day lovelies!

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