Angelic Calm: A FREE Awakened Meditation

Hey there gorgeous sisters and a very happy Tuesday to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share with you some Angelic Calm: A FREE Awakened Meditation <3

These meditations are a brand new way of meditating – they combine visuals with the soothing healing words of a meditation. If you’ve ever struggled to focus on meditating but you know you really want to take part in meditation these could be very beneficial to you.


If you want to go deeper with your meditation practice, they will be perfect too. When your mind is actively engaged with a visual stimulus like creating art, then all of the chatter, business, judgement and other stresses that can inhibit meditation are immediately taken care of, with no effort from you at all.

Here’s a little free sneak peek at one of my Aura Angel Guidance awakened meditations. Use it to invite some Angelic Calm into your day.

I’ll be releasing these meditations very soon, but wanted to give you all a heads up about them. I know they will be a powerful tool for healing, growth and spiritual well-being, as well as a reminder of the need to be creatively engaged in your life.

For this meditation you can see a piece of Aura Angel art being created, whilst I guide you on a calming guided meditation journey. You can watch the visuals and let the words work subliminally, or close your eyes and use them as a more traditional meditation. Or a combination of both. However you choose to engage with these awakened meditations they will be of enormous benefit to you.

The whole collection of 30 awakened meditations will be released very soon, and of course sisterhood members will have access to all of them as part of their membership.

I am calling them Creative Soul Sessions – so keep an eye out for them appearing!

If you haven’t yet joined us, now would be a great time!

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

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